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Use a FREE AUTORESPONDER FOR WORDPRESS to build your list from your Weblog.

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A Complete List Manager and Free Autoresponder PLUGIN for your Wordpress Weblog.

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Every TOP Internet Marketer that you've ever seen started out the same way, with simple Free Autoresponder Software they began to build their PROFITABLE MAILING LISTS one subscription at a time!

With a Free Wordpress Autoresponder you can start building your own list now and without paying for the privilege! If you are truly serious about making an income online you need an autoresponder to build and manage your own list.

Once you install the Autoresponder Software you can start building your list immediately. Best of all there's no need to keep paying recurring fees forever just to manage it!

In this Free Autoresponder Plugin

  • Build your List! Easily Convert your weblog Visitors into Leads.
  • Subscription Form Widgets. One click to start accepting subscriptions.
  • Schedule Daily Mailings. Auto-send your pre-written promotional mail.
  • Full Autoresponder Control Panel integrated into your Wordpress Administrator.

More Than A Simple Free Autoresponder Plugin

  1. Easy List Manager! Complete subscription manager and mailer software.
  2. WYSIWYG Editor! Compose & Send HTML/Plain-Text Messages in Wordpress!
  3. Mass Mailer Software! Send email directly to your entire list anytime.
  4. Portable Subscription Form! Portable html form code work on any website.
  5. Auto-Subscribe User Checkbox. Offer subscriptions on new user registration.

This is the only free autoresponder software you will ever need to start building a large mailing list on your wordpress blog. Grow your subscription list from your first couple of leads into a huge contact list of subscribers you can broadcast to anytime at no further cost.

This free software is fully integrated with the latest version of Wordpress v3.3 and offers an unbelievably simple-to-use yet hugely powerful autoresponder. Best of all the plug-in is free-to-use right on your blog; install today and use it forever at no further cost.

If you ever thought it was too complicated or difficult you've found an easy autoresponder solution that is no more difficult to manage than Wordpress itself. If you aren't using Wordpress to host your online presence you're missing out, even more because you cant use the free autoresponder plugin for Wordpress to build your list.

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"This is a great Plugin, fantastic support, as I needed to integrate a few other items and Autoresponder was the best at getting a working solution for my Wordpress Plugin. Great Job GWA!"
—Sam Boyer, Owner and Webmaster

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Easily customize your Subscription Form with the Built-in WYSIWYG Editor.

It's simple to Add or Edit your Message Series on your blog.

Forward users to blog-pages, http://web-urls, or custom pages.

You can get your copy of the Free [GWA] Autoresponder for Wordpress today!

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There is absolutely no-cost to get this Powerful Free Autoresponder Plugin installed on your weblog and you can start building a profitable list immediately and completely free of charge.

There are no hidden costs or limitations in this software:

The FREE Autoresponder for Wordpress gives you the ability to easily subscribe, email, and manage an unlimited number of addresses and messages.

Every new member who registers on your weblog will have the opportunity to join your list!

"I absolutely love this free plugin. I use the [GWA] Autoresponder to handle all my list management and am currently using it give more value to my subscribers by sending them tutorials, tips, announcements and product recommendations. Making back-end affiliate sales has never been easier. I'm NEVER paying for another autoresponder service."

~Nathaniel Summers, Owner and Webmaster

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"Gary, you are very, very helpful and patient. Thank you so much. This excellent plugin is not only what I have been looking for in terms of features to beat those pricey branded autoresponders; it is also the kind of support one should expect from real professionals..."
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Hi to all my fellow Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs.

I registered for this Free Autoresponder for Wordpress Plugin and I can already see how well it will work for me! Just the savings on Autoresponder fees alone is money in my pocket.

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The #1 Fastest Way to Grow Your List of Subscribers is to GIVE AWAY FREE Stuff!

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